As the saying goes, “Beauty is skin deep.”  Let us help you reveal your true beauty.

Sperling Dermatology is the premiere destination for the treatment of all skin conditions.  Dr. Shari Sperling will provide a detailed dermatologic screening in order to unlock your skin’s maximum potential. We are excited to offer CoolSculpting™, Laser services, and aesthetic treatments with fillers and Botox™.  

Come visit Dr. Sperling and our team of cosmetic experts and let us help you achieve spectacular skin. 


The cool new way to redefine your figure! 

Finally, after years of research and experimentation, there is a breakthrough treatment for body sculpting -  a new, non- invasive technology that painlessly freezes fat away with no downtime.  Just 35 minutes of your time and watch as your excess fat disappears over the next 2-3 months.  You can get rid of those love handles, thigh and belly fat and double chin with a simple, pain free procedure done right in our offices. This is a true 21st Century breakthrough! 



Patients seeking evaluation and treatment for a variety of medical skincare needs. Click here for a list of conditions we treat.

Cosmetic & Aesthetic

Dr. Sperling will help you achieve your most spectacular look with fillers, Botox™, cosmetic peels and sclerotherapy (for spider veins). Click here for a list of services we offer.


Dr. Sperling utilizes laser technology to remove unwanted hair, perform facial resurfacing, reduce blemishes, redness, broken vessels and sun spots; diminish wrinkles and fine lines, enhance skin texture and tone, and remove unwanted tattoos.  We specialize in a painless, no downtime Lunchtime FaceLift.  Click here for a list of treatments we provide.