Light Therapy for Hair Growth in New Jersey

Dealing with hair loss can be incredibly hard. Men and women can experience hair loss at an early age, which can lead to issues with their self-esteem and their overall appearance. Having thin hair or balding can also make a person feel like they are older and past their prime.

At Sperling Dermatology, we know how much of a difference having a good head of hair can make and how much of a positive impact it can have on a person’s self-esteem. That is why we offer a variety of hair-growth treatments, including non-surgical options like light therapy.

What Is Light Therapy?

Through extensive research and testing, laser light energy has been shown to be capable of providing some amazing benefits. Intense pulsed light treatments have changed the game when it comes to skin-rejuvenation treatments. Light therapy further explores the potential of light energy and its ability to stimulate hair production and growth.

The concept behind the treatment is quite simple. An area of the scalp (or the entire scalp) is exposed to low levels of laser light energy using a special device. The light can come from a lightbulb that is placed above the scalp, or it may come from a comb that emits laser light energy as it is passed over the scalp. There are also devices that come in the form of a wearable hat so the treatment can be performed at home.

How Does Light Therapy Help with Hair Growth?

The hair-growth cycle consist of three phases. There is the growth phase, where hairs sprout and reach their maximum length. After this, there is the resting phase, when the hair is no longer growing but is still strong and healthy. Finally, there is the shedding phase, when old hairs are shed so that they can be replaced by new ones.

When the scalp is exposed to low levels of light energy, blood flow is increased across the area. This spreads more of the nutrients and growth factors required for hair growth to the hair follicles and at a faster rate.

The laser energy has the added benefit of extending the growth phase of the hair-growth cycle, which means that more hairs will grow for a longer period of time. Studies have also found that light therapy can reduce the rate of hair loss that an individual is experiencing.

Is Light Therapy Right for Me?

Light therapy is an excellent non-invasive and relatively affordable option for individuals suffering from self-esteem and self-image issues as a result of hair loss. It has been shown to be effective in men and women.

The treatment does not provide instant results, but undergoing consistent treatments will yield noticeable results in as little as one month.

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