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EMTONE in New Jersey

EMTONE is a first of its kind, non-invasive device that delivers both mechanical and thermal energy in the treatment of cellulite. 80 - 90 percent of women deal with post-pubertal cellulite. If you want to do something to resolve your cellulite, there is an answer. Until now there has been no effective solution that did not involve significant downtime.

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EMTONE Results

Hear from actual patients about their EMTONE experience and results.

At Sperling Dermatology: We Know Skin

Sperling Dermatology is the top destination for EMTONE in New Jersey. Dr. Shari Sperling will provide a detailed dermatological screening to unlock your skin’s maximum potential. Specializing in both medical & cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Sperling will help you achieve Spectacular Skin. At Sperling Dermatology, we care about our patients and work to leave you looking and feeling spectacular. We are here to satisfy your aesthetic needs.


Am I a candidate for EMTONE tretment?

For anyone seeking non-invasive solutions for cellulite, and improved skin health, EMTONE treatment is ideal. 

Will I need more than one treatment?

On your first visit to Sperling Dermatology, you will receive a treatment plan tailored to your and your goals. The average treatment plan includes 4 sessions with the EMTONE device, usually over a period of two weeks to a month. 

How long is the EMTONE procedure? 

These treatments take only about 20 minutes, so this is something easily fit into your busy life. You can resume normal activity immediately after your treatment as there is zero downtime. 

Is EMTONE treatment painful?

Many patients say the treatment can best be compared to a hot stone massage with vibrations. You are lying down for the treatment so it can be quite relaxing. 

What are the results of EMTONE?

Most patients see improvement after a single treatment session. Over the next few months, continued improvements can be expected. 

What areas can EMTONE Treat?

EMTONE can be applied to all areas of the body and any skin type.

How does EMTONE compare to other treatments?

  • 64% more effective than stand-alone TX for building elastin*
  • 59% more effective than stand-alone TX for building collagen*
  • 50% faster than stand-alone therapies*
  • 90% patient satisfaction*

Come visit Dr. Sperling and our team of cosmetic experts and let us help you achieve the spectacular skin you deserve! #StaySpectacular

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