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Laser Hair RemovalTreatments in New Jersey

If you’re done with the hassle of shaving to remove unsightly hair in places you’d rather not have it, you may be a candidate for laser hair removal!

At Sperling Dermatology, our highly trained laser hair removal specialists are certified and qualified to safely and effectively perform laser hair removal from the comfortable settings of our New Jersey office. So get ready to ditch your razor and feel spectacular and clean with this simple, non-invasive procedure!

What is Laser Hair Removal?

At Sperling Dermatology in New Jersey laser hair removal is offered as it is a highly recommended treatment for those who are looking to significantly reduce unwanted hair growth. With laser hair removal, lasers target the pigment around the unwanted hair, damaging the follicle itself and drastically limiting hair growth. While the procedure does not lead to permanent hair loss, the reduction is so great that in many cases our patients can stop shaving the area completely after a half-dozen treatments.

Laser Hair Removal New Jersey

What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated With Laser Hair Removal?

Generally, the areas of the body that can be targeted with laser hair removal are broken down by size:

Small areas:

  • Areola/nipple
  • Chin
  • Ears
  • Eyebrows
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Neck
  • Sideburns
  • Upper lip

Medium areas:

  • Bikini
  • Buttocks
  • Face and neck
  • Stomach
  • Underarms

Large areas:

  • Brazilian
  • Chest
  • Extended Buttocks
  • Half arms
  • Half back
  • Half legs
  • Shoulders

Extra-Large areas:

  • Full arms (with hands)
  • Full back
  • Full legs
  • Shoulders

Because hair grows in cycles, you will need to go through multiple rounds of laser hair removal to get all of the hair for a given area, regardless of size. However, you will start to see results after your first session. Most patients report about a 20% decrease in hair growth with each laser hair removal session. Once your treatment plan is finished, you will be razor-free!

How Does Laser Hair Removal Compare to Electrolysis?

Like laser hair removal, electrolysis promises to completely remove hair from a patch of skin. Whereas laser hair removal uses light to accomplish this task, electrolysis uses electricity. With electrolysis, each hair is individually shocked with an electrical jolt, which kills the follicle and prevents it from regrowing hair.

The biggest difference between electrolysis and laser hair removal is speed. With electrolysis, you need to have a skilled technician slide a solid metal probe into each hair follicle and jolt it with electricity. It is laborious, time-consuming, and there is a higher potential for error.

Laser hair removal improves upon this concept by targeting the follicles with light instead of electricity. Because the follicles are being targeted by the laser from above the skin, rather than a probe that must be manually inserted into the skin hair-by-hair, the time it takes to undergo each session is drastically reduced. Furthermore, there is less chance of complications or pain from a poorly-inserted probe.

Just how much faster is laser hair removal than electrolysis? Well, a 2000 study comparing the effectiveness of laser hair removal and electrolysis on 12 patients in Ankara, Turkey, found that laser hair removal was 60 times faster than galvanic electrolysis at removing hair.

While laser hair removal is a reliable way to remove hair quickly and lasts a long time, it is only effective for darkly pigmented hairs. Electrolysis tends to work best for white, grey, or light hair. At Sperling Dermatology we strive to provide one of the best laser hair removal treatments New Jersey has to offer.

Are There Any Restrictions?

New Jersey Laser Hair Removal Treatments

This treatment is best suited for those with light skin and dark, coarse hair. The laser does NOT treat white or grey hair. You will need between 6-10 laser hair removal treatments about 4-6 weeks apart. The area that is being treated should be shaved 24-48 hours prior to each treatment.

You CANNOT tweeze, wax, pluck, thread, or bleach the area prior to or for the duration of the treatment. However, you may continue to shave in between laser treatment sessions. Plucking the hairs following the procedure undermines the effectiveness of the procedure and can also increase the chance of complications or side effects. There should also be no sun exposure 2-4 weeks before and after treatment. There is no downtime after treatment.

What About Side Effects?

There are some side effects of laser hair removal, but most are mild or rare, especially when performed by trained and certified professionals like the ones at Sperling Dermatology. They include:

To minimize the risk of side effects, each of our laser hair technicians at Sperling Dermatology is trained and certified to perform this procedure.

Sperling Dermatology for spectacular results

Laser hair removal can be a tremendous gift for yourself, but it’s also a gift that takes some commitment to achieve the best results. Laser hair removal usually takes 6-10 appointments, which means you will be working closely with your laser hair technicians over the course of months as you go through the treatment process.

That’s why you should choose Sperling Dermatology for your laser hair treatments. We’re New Jersey’s #1 rated dermatologist on HealthGrades, with over 1,000 5-star reviews. Our commitment to our patients’ safety and comfort can be seen in our results.

It’s also why we are constantly innovating our processes to make sure you have the best treatment options available in ways that are comfortable to you. In 2020, we launched the Sperling Sprinter, a mobile medspa that delivers customized treatments directly to your driveway!

Whether you need a socially distant option or a calm, relaxing, and safe medspa experience to take your mind off the stresses of the day, Sperling Dermatology is here to take care of you. Our goal is to provide you with the treatments and safe solutions you want, so you can keep looking and feeling spectacular!

Come visit Dr. Sperling and our team of cosmetic experts and let us help you achieve the spectacular skin you deserve! #StaySpectacular

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