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Serum Infusions in New Jersey

If you are looking for healthier, smoother and glowing skin, serum infusion is a skin-resurfacing treatment that exfoliates and infuses active ingredients to enhance the health and appearance of your skin. One excellent addition to any dermabrasion facial, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are infused using the DiamondTome for a more hydrated, plump texture.

What is Serum Infusion?

Infusion treatments are an excellent way to deliver skincare nutrients to your skin after a microdermabrasion procedure, sending nutrients deep into your skin for maximum penetration. Serum infusion promotes collagen synthesis, repairs damage from acne and hyperpigmentation, and rejuvenates for smoother and silkier skin.

There are three steps: exfoliation removes dry and damaged skin cells, extraction cleanses deeply the surface and pores of the skin, and infusion delivers condition-specific serums deep into the skin.

Serum Infusions New Jersey

Types of Serum Infusions

These different serum infusions can be effective when combined with a microdermabrasion treatment.


Hyaluronic serum infusion can fill your skin to give it a more radiant appearance


Peptide serum infusion uses collagen stimulation for anti-aging and rejuvenates your skin


Retinol serum infusion may decrease acne breakouts and lines and wrinkles, reverse UV damage, treat pores, and balance oil production

Vitamin C

Vitamin C serum infusion can protect your skin from UV rays and lighten and brighten the appearance of your skin

Top 10 Benefits of Serum Infusions

Here are some reasons serum infusions can provide improvement for your skin:

  1. Adds radiance and glow for a rejuvenated appearance
  2. A more youthful appearance
  3. Can target specific skin concerns
  4. Decreases fine lines and wrinkles
  5. Enhance rough skin texture
  6. Helps with acne scars and blemishes 
  7. Improve hyperpigmentation, including dark spots and sun damage
  8. Increases volumes in your skin by up to 70 percent
  9. Stimulates cell renewal 
  10. Treats dry and dehydrated skin

Combining Microdermabrasion and Serum Infusions

The leading skin treatments combine microdermabrasion with serum infusion to exfoliate and extract in one single procedure and provide visible improvement in your complexion. The treatment is customized for your unique skin concerns with the serum formulated to deal with a particular issue.

This effective treatment has proven safe with any type of skin color and tone, with no downtime following the procedure. The results can include clarity, renewed hydration, texture, tone, and volume in the fight against acne, aging, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and sun damage.

At Sperling Dermatology: We Know Skin

Sperling Dermatology is the top destination for serum infusions in New Jersey. Dr. Shari Sperling will provide a detailed dermatological screening to unlock your skin’s maximum potential. Specializing in both medical and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Sperling will help you achieve Spectacular Skin. At Sperling Dermatology, we care about our patients and work energetically to leave you looking and feeling spectacular.

Recovery from Serum Infusions

During your procedure, you may experience some stinging sensation or feeling of vacuum suction, but the pain is minimal. The recovery period after your serum infusion treatment is usually brief, but it may involve some swelling or redness at the treated site.

Depending on your sensitivity, your skin should be back to normal within a half-hour to a few hours. It is best to not schedule any facial treatment or important appointments within the first seven days following your treatment. It is best to avoid exposure to the sun before and after your treatment.

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