A woman's legs, Sclerotherapy is offered at Sperling Dermatology in New JerseySclerotherapy is procedure which involves  injecting a solution directly into a vein to reduce the appearance of spider and varicose veins. Schedule your appointment today at Sperling Dermatology to see if you are a candidate for sclerotherapy.


  • What is Sclerotherapy?
    Sclerotherapy is an FDA approved, injectable saline solution used to reduce small and medium red or purple venison the skin’s surface.
  • How does Sclerotherapy work?
    After the saline solution is injected into the vein it becomes slightly inflamed, causing it to scar and shrink, so that there is no remaining blood in that vein. The vein then fades over time.
  • What can I expect the treatment procedure?
    Sclerotherapy is done in the office and may take between 15-30 minutes for each treatment. Before pictures will be taken at the start of the treatment. Each injection is 0.1-0.4 ml and is done at 2-3 cm intervals. There may be some pain and burning, however, if this occurs the solution can be diluted for comfort. The larger veins will be treated first, the smaller veins.
  • When will I see results?
    Sclerotherapy is a chemical reaction, therefore, it may take at least 3-6 weeks to notice a result for Spider veins. Larger veins may take up to 4-6 months to see a result. They will usually not reappear, however, new veins may appear overtime. 50-80% of injected veins may be eliminated with each session.
  • Are results permanent?
    Improvement is usually long-term in the majority of cases, however, new veins can develop over time. You may need touch-up sessions to treat any new veins. Less than 10% of people treated do not experience any results from Sclerotherapy.
  • Am I a candidate for Sclerotherapy?
    Women who are pregnant are not candidates for Sclerotherapy. You may be treated three months after giving birth. Patients with a history of Deep Vein Thrombosis, heart disease with bypass are not candidates for treatment. Those who are bedridden or have allergies to the sclerosing agent are also not candidates for treatment.
  • How can I prepare for my treatment?
    Please come in for your treatment with clean skin, avoid moisturizers. Aspirin, ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided 24-48 before treatment as well. TCN and minocin should not be taken 7-10m days prior to treatment, as it may cause staining. Prednisone decreases the effectiveness of the sclerosing agent and should be avoided. It is ok to take Tylenol.
  • Are there any side effects for Sclerothapy?
    You may feel a cramping sensation for 1-2 minutes after each injection. Itching for 1-2 after each treatment may be felt as well as bruising. Larger veins may feel lumpy and hard for a few months. Some people experience hyperpigmentation for 3-6 months afterward. Less than 5% experience permanent hyperpigmentation. You may experience a growth of new blood vessels in the days or weeks after treatment but will fade within 3-12 months. Please let us know immediately if you experience any of the following after treatment: inflammation within 5 inches from the groin, sudden onset swollen legs, formation of small ulcers at the injection site, red streaking (especially in the groin) and/or porcelain white blanching on the skin or spasm.
  • What are my aftercare instructions?
    It is recommended to wear class1 (20-30 mm) compression stockings the first night and class 2 (30-40 mm) daily for the next 1-3 weeks, depending on the size of the area that has been treated. No heavy exercise should be done for a few days to 4 weeks after treatment. Waking and lower extremity exercises should be done immediately. You may take Tylenol for pain, however, aspirin, ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory medications should be avoided. Hot baths, hot compresses, whirlpools, saunas and direct sunlight exposure should be avoided for 48 hours after treatment. You may shower with cooler water.

Please speak to Dr. Sperling as to the cost and how many treatments you may need for your specific skin type.

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